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Information. / The Fort of Din Eidyn.
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Information. / Etiquette/Things to Know.
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Information. / Map and Locations.
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Information. / Historical Overview.
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For generations, ancestors of the current King, Fionnlagh ap Bruin, had ruled on the throne, peacefully.  That all came to an end with Malin ap Layne, who usurped the throne and took over, deeming a tenuous connection to an ancient King, and claiming he was taking back his birthright.  In a few short years, his ruthless rule oppressed the ordinary Britons, and made the rich, richer.  He crippled those less fortunate, and got richer and greedier, in the Fort at Din Eidyn, the capital of Britannia.  For four generations, the peaceful times were only in memories, and then only in stories, passed down through families.

Around 600 A.D., King Owain ap Layne was on the throne, ruling with an iron fist.  His oppressive regime followed closely with his ancestors - benefitting the rich, crippling the poor.  He did as he pleased.  He had several wives, each younger than the last, each dying in cruel circumstances or through accusations against the Crown.  He was growing greedier, and more paranoid by the day.

When he decided he needed a new wife, he set his sights on the Saxone territory of Mierce.  He had his messengers send word to the Cyning that he intended to take his daughter, 12 year old Saoirse, as his new bride and Queen.  Her father was horrified, and quickly sent her into hiding, the Saxones rallying around to protest the match.  The faithful Knights of Gododdin, champions of the poor and unfortunate, were training south in Dumnonia, and heard that Owain, long since classed as ‘The Mad King’, was going to war over a child.  The noble, loyal Knights immediately came to an agreement - they would fight alongside the Saxones, and encouraged the Dumnonii to fight too.  They would protect the Cyning’s daughter.

They fought for five years, a bloody, muddy battle on the rolling fields of Gododdin, bordering the Saxone territory.  Fionnlagh ap Bruin, an accomplished fighter and he was quickly rising up the ranks of the Army they’d put together, was leading several raids and battles.  When one of his spies from the King’s Army came back to tell him that he’d overheard a conversation, he figured it would be just like all the other conversations he’d overheard - another strategic moment in the battle.

Instead, he heard something that settled so deep in his gut, he knew the turning point in the war had come.  Owain had been frustrated that the war was taking so long, and his new bride would be getting too old.  Then came the final nail in the war coffin - Owain had said he should have taken her earlier, when she was younger, so she was more compliant.  Fionnlagh saw red.  He knew then and there, that the Mad King had to be killed.

Two days later, in the middle of the night, Fionnlagh and two others snuck into the King’s Army camp, and he murdered the King.  Owain was dead.  The war was over.  He spent the next four months helping clean up, while the fight over who would become King raged on.  Once he felt things were well in hand with the Knights, he travelled south to Cair Guiragon, to the Cyning.  He knew her father would have possibly heard the news already, but with things still in turmoil, he would still be on edge.  He got to stand in front of the Cyning and give him the news he’d been waiting for - that no one would claim his daughter against his will again.

He stayed for a week, while they sent word down to the very southern point of Dumnonia, where they were hiding Saoirse, that it was safe for her to return.  During that time, the Cyning decided that Fionnlagh would marry his daughter - he was honourable, a good man, and would always do what was right.  He was surprised at the offer, but he agreed.  He was due to meet his future bride, but word came from the Council in Din Eidyn that his presence was required.  He left.

While at Din Eidyn, the Council gave him the title of King - as a descendant of former Kings, he was the rightful choice.  He had no choice but to agree - and as his eldest living male relative, his cousin, Sir Gawain ap Luwddoc, became Heir to Britannia.  Soon, a message arrived from the Cyning, stating he still wanted the wedding to continue, and now it had great political ties for the Britons and the Saxones.

All too soon, he was married and crowned King of the Britons, and after one night back in his rightful home of Din Eidyn, he was out travelling, asserting his place as King and settling those forts and villages that were hardest hit under the former, oppressive regime.

He returned back to his new home, and after a whirlwind few weeks with his new wife, he found himself falling in love.  Rather than just a political marriage, he had a marriage of love as well.  The Town of Din Eidyn quickly became loyal to this new royal couple - they finally had someone good, and caring, in the most important role.  They loved the Saxone, and her caring nature towards those less fortunate in the Town.

The new chapter has officially begun..
Information. / Royal Ranking.
« Last post by Punky on January 13, 2018, 11:55:37 AM »
Below you'll find a brief overview of how the current Royal Ranking and Heirs came to be.  For further information on the history, please refer to the Historical Overview post.

When the Mad King Owain decided to take a helpless 12 year old and claim her as his wife, Fionnlagh and his fellow Knights, who were training with the Dumnonii, raised up a large army, and marched north to help protect the Saxones.  As a result of the five year long bloody war, they triumphed when Fionnlagh killed the Mad King.  After helping his fellow men, he travelled south to deliver the news to her father, the Cyning (Saxon for tribal king).  He then offered Saoirse's hand in marriage to Fionnlagh, as he was grateful a good, honourable man had succeeded.  Once he was offered the title of King, her father kept his word, and he married her, the day he was crowned King.

As King of the Britons, it is Fionnlagh's responsibility to lead and care for his people.  He rules over Gododdin, and to a lesser extent Dumnonia in the South.  With his marriage to Saoirse, he also takes responsibility for Mierce and the Saxones.  He is eager to rule over Pictland to the North, as the wild savages are a danger to all he holds dear.  His current Heir is Sir Gawain, his eldest cousin.


As the only daughter of the Cyning, Saoirse was destined for greatness.  They had imagined her happiness thwarted, however, after the five year battle, those opposing Mad King Owain's rule had triumphed, and she was safe once more.  Although, her time back at home with her family instead of in hiding was short-lived - she was to be married to the new King, Fionnlagh.  A terrifying prospect, she could only hope he was kinder than the horror stories she'd heard of the previous King.

She had little to worry about.  Her wedding night, she assumed he would take what was rightfully his - instead, he was understanding of her fear, and allowed her to sleep peacefully her first night as a married woman.  He was then gone, across Gododdin, and she only got to know her caring husband when he returned - his public nature much different to his kind, caring, private nature that made her fall in love with him.  She quickly fell pregnant, and is soon to announce it to their entire kingdom.


Gawain grew up, the eldest of four brothers and a sister, in the Fort of Důn Breatainn, ruled by their father, Lord Lot.  They lost their mother after she gave birth to Gareth, and their father never recovered.  As soon as they could, the heir to the Lordship, Gawain, and his next eldest brother Agravain, left home and travelled south to Dumnonia to train.  After a few years, when Geraint was due to join them, they heard word of their sister's death.  At the hands of their Father.  They couldn't allow Geraint or Gareth to remain, and sent for them both.  They soon joined in on the battle, although they left Gareth in Dumnonia to help from afar.

The Lordship weight heavily on Gawain, until he had a reprieve.  His cousin, Fionnlagh, had become King.  Childhood friend, become fellow soldier-in-arms, had become King.  And, as his closest living male relative, he become Heir to the Throne.  Which meant Agravain then became Heir to the Lordship.  A weight off his chest, it meant he could live in Din Eidyn, and he volunteered to become the Queen's personal Guard.  He then quickly learned of Saoirse's pregnancy - once she had a son, and the son was of age to ascend, he would no longer be Heir, and free to live his life as he chooses.

Information. / Welcome to the Isle of Britannia.
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Under Construction - General Information.
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